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Understanding Server Virtualisation in VPS Hosting

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Server virtualisation is nothing but a practice that involves segregating a physical server into several small virtual servers using virtualisation software. It is a technique where each virtual server runs numerous operating systems simultaneously. The concept of using server virtualisation is extremely common in the IT industry as a way of curtailing costs by increasing the consumption of already existing resources.

Let’s understand the concept better with the help of an example. Typically, business data centres comprise of several servers. Some of these servers remain inactive as the workload is distributed among just a few of the servers, resulting in a waste of high-priced hardware and maintenance resources, power, and cooling. This is where server virtualisation plays a significant role and is employed to maximise resource consumption by dividing physical servers into different virtual servers, each running its own applications and operating system. In this method, each virtual server looks and acts like a physical server, increasing the capacity of every physical server.

Now that we have learned about server virtualisation, let’s understand the concept of Virtual Server Hosting also commonly referred to as VPS.

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