Local Businesses in New York Can Benefit From This Actionable Advice

Local Businesses in New York Can Benefit From This Actionable Advice

Most businesses should not be panicking, but companies should make their online presence more robust, according to the best SEO companies in New York, to survive. Customers who are sitting at home have time to research what they will do the moment that Governor Cuomo declares its time to conduct business as usual. Owners and managers may discover ways to rework companies allowing them to bring in business still. The company may be in one of those sectors that the governor has declared essential. Regardless, it is time to rethink a company’s marketing.

Keep Up Efforts

This is the perfect time to analyze what is working online for a company and what needs improving. Work with the best SEO companies in New York to make the things that are working even stronger.

Create New Content

Remember that Google moves up through the organic search result pages, sites that are continually striving to improve. Therefore, spend stay-at-home time on enhancing the company’s website. Start by opening Google Analytics to see the error report and get those errors fixed now. Make pages stronger where customers are often leaving a site.

Create or Enhance Site Hierarchy

Establish the website’s hierarchy or make it stronger. Customers should be able to reach essential pages on the company’s website in one or two clicks. Look at links to make sure they point to the most important pages.


Create a keyword list and see where the use of keywords and their synonyms can be increased in current blogs without getting spammy. Use the same list as a guide to writing new blogs in any missed areas.

Improve SEO

Consider incorporating keywords into page titles. Use keywords to describe photos on the site to improve accessibility. Rework content to integrate more keywords while maintaining readability. Replace any pages that seem spammy. Use Schema Markup so that Google can identify the business’s purpose.

Become an Active Social Media Participant

This is the perfect time to get active on social media. Stop and read comments that people have left about the company. Positively answer them, even if their comments are not stellar. People are not trusting companies or the government during the coronavirus outbreak, but they are trusting people. Now is the time to put a steady face behind the company.

Record Marketing Interviews

After reading social media feeds, look for customers who are thrilled with the company’s products or are using them in novel ways. This is a great time to set up a recorded interview with those customers while they have some downtime. Use these interviews in marketing later.

Build Connections

Use time on social media to build connections with others in the same industry. This is an outstanding time to develop online relationships with industry leaders. Tell customers about these conversations as it builds a company’s reputation. Likewise, take the time to make connections with those in related industries. Never underestimate when one of these connections will send the company a big account when things return to normal.

Create New Marketing

This pandemic is the perfect time to create marketing that will pay now and far into the future. What that looks like will be unique for different industries. It may be the perfect time to host a webinar. It may also be a great time to start an email campaign while people have more time to spend on their emails. For others, it may be time to create a giveaway with a dedicated landing page.

Be productive in marketing the business now and far into the future during this coronavirus outbreak.