Swift Dzire Ends the Era of Hatchback Domination

Seva Mobil Bekas

Maruti Suzuki Dzire surpassed Swift and Alto K10 in terms of sales. Although Swift and Dzire stand in different segments, they have many similar features. But when these two splendid cars are compared their actual objectives come to light.

Indian automobile sector seems to be going through a shift in phase. This is visible in some new body styles which are introduced in the market. The market which once was dominated by small hatchbacks now has sedans, compact SUVs and MUVs which are available with attractive price tags. The sales chart of Maruti Suzuki which is currently the largest car manufacturer in India tells a whole new story about this phase change. Maruti Suzuki Dzire the compact sedan surpassed one of the highest-selling hatchbacks in India Alto K10, to become the best-selling car for the month of May, 2013. While Alto K10 stood in second position in the sales chart, third position was taken away by Maruti Suzuki Swift. One of the major reasons for this shift towards the sedan was the introduction of sub 4m version of Dzire which, due to tax implications, made the car more affordable. This car has the driving qualities of hatchback with comfort levels of a sedan. Comparing the sales figures of Swift and DZire in 2012 and 2013, one can note that the sedan has outperformed the hatchback in sales to become market leader. While the car maker has relied on adding limited edition versions to Swift portfolio to make the car sportier, the sedan version is continuing its growth trend in the country amidst tough market situations.

Comparing the performance and equipment in Swift and Dzire a lot of aspects come to light. Both these automobiles use the same powertrain but there is slight variation in their mileage figures because of weight and the way each car handles. Since the differences in numbers are not huge, a customer may not find mileage to be the best factor to draw a comparison between these two cars. The fit and finish is great in both automobiles. However, the sedan version scores higher as far as looks are concerned purely owing to its unique design and proportions. The car maker has also fit an automatic transmission system in the sedan making it friendlier to people who wish to sit back and enjoy driving the car in city roads, rather than keeping their hands busy with gear knob. The suspensions in DZire are tuned for comfort while those in Swift are quite stiffer, giving every drive that athletic edge. The interior theme of the hatchback too revolves around sportiness where everything from design of dashboard, choice of colours for upholstery, storage boxes and the steering wheel focus on delivering that rally car feel to cabin. On the other hand Dzire feels lot more cosy on the inside with more comfortable seats and warm coloured upholstery fabricated around the seats and door trims.

Pricing was one of the major factors that accelerated sales of DZire right from the time it was launched in February, 2012. Embodying comfort and efficiency the Maruti Swift Dzire Price in Mumbai starts from Rs. 5.22 lakh for petrol version and Rs. 6.41 lakh for diesel models. Although quite pricey for a hatchback, because of its sportiness and drive quality Swift deserves all that takes. Maruti Swift price in Mumbai starts from Rs. 4.75 lakh for petrol and Rs. 5.91 lakh for diesel. Consumers can also visit any Maruti Suzuki dealers in Mumbai or any other part of the country to check out the automatic version of Dzire which is priced at Rs. 7.04 lakh in the country’s economic capital.