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Why Should You Opt for A VPS Hosting with Full Root Access?

Among the hosting servers available in the market today, VPS Servers are gaining good popularity and usage. A Virtual Private Hosting Server is created by using server virtualization software. It divides a physical webserver into multiple virtual servers each with account isolation, dedicated resources, and full root access. Virtual Private Servers are known to function as Dedicated Servers with some restrictions. They have dedicated resources like a dedicated server, account isolation to negate the impact of neighbors on a shared server, and full root access for administrative control.

While you need some technical knowledge to use the root access offered by a Virtual Server, here are some reasons why opting for a VPS Web Hosting plan with full root access is a good idea.

1. Offers a better control over the hosting environment

When you buy a Linux Virtual Server Hosting plan, you get access to the root directory. This is akin to administrator rights on a Windows VPS plan. It allows you to make certain changes to the server that requires admin rights. Further, you can optimize resource utilization using the full root access offered by a VPS. This results in a better control of the hosting environment. This is particularly helpful to site owners who want to use proprietary applications or legacy tools to create a unique site experience for visitors. Full root access allows you to make any changes your site wants with some basic restrictions since the physical server is shared.

  1. Boosts Site Security
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A VPS is more secure than most traditional hosting servers since the virtual server is isolated and resources are dedicated to it. Further, full root access allows you to install any third-party security application to boost the server’s security.

The following video explains how root access helps with VPS Security:


Additionally, it also allows you to make changes to the settings of the virtual server to keep it more secure. Hence, it allows you to create a safe place for your website. Further, you can take some additional steps to make the VPS more secure.

  1. Increases self-reliance
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When you use a VPS Server, you need some technical expertise to make configuration changes to the server as per your needs. If you are on a Managed VPS Hosting plan, then a technical expert takes care of these changes for you. On an unmanaged plan, you might have to go back to the provider and explain the changes you need. While the provider usually obliges, the turn-around-time can vary from a few hours to a few days. With full root access, you can make these changes yourself. Hence, you save a lot of money and boost your efficiency.

Summing Up

Full root access in a VPS Server allows you to control it as per your needs and create a hosting environment. When added with dedicated resources and account isolation, it is easy to see why it is known as a cheaper version of a Dedicated Server. Once you have purchased the best VPS Hosting plan for your site, use the full root access and make the most of your virtual server. Good Luck!

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